Welcome to WizardWorks! After owning this domain for something close to 20 years I have finally given the front page a much needed facelift.

The domain, at one time, hosted several of the pages I used to run, from soap opera sites to video game pages. Now it mainly serves as a hub with links to the blogs I currently run, as well as a page with a personal bio.

I always have new ideas in my head for future pages. I just launched a new Paranormal Page that merges my love for ghosts and my academic training as an anthropologist. I also have ideas for a dark comedy blog, and a writing project merging my love of soaps and horror.

I have been meaning to set up a Flickr account and upload years of vacation photos and more. Until then, check out my Instagram account for photos from my life, as well as my Tumblr blog.
Apple Wax Stamp
- R. Dustin Cushman